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Ali Faruqbey

Hey Ali Faruqbey Here, Thank you for visiting my site! A little about myself, I'm from Chicago, Illinois, I'm 22 years old getting ready to graduate college 06/2018 after 5 long years with a BA in Business Admin. & Health Education. I've played Collegiate Basketball for 4 years at some of the highest levels, and have historical sucess. If there is one thing I've learned over the years it is that to become succesful and to become a better person or more skilled it takes work. I've worked for 10+ years at basketball to earn 1 college scholarship... 10 years!!! Most people won't work 2 hours a day to change their life and I sacrificed 10 years of mines to reach the goal of becoming a college basketball player and graduate!

More over from the athletic side, I've also started my own online business, 3 of them actually. I run my own Advertising Agency, Social Media Marketing Compnay and Web Design company and let me tell you it's very rewarding knowing that I can help change business owners lives by bring them more customers as well as changing people's lives by showing them the steps it takes to become financially free and earn income online by becoming your ownb boss! I look forward to providing you value to help you take the first step in taking control of your life! Hope to see you on my team!!

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the highest and fastest paying business to have. Your reach is LITERALLY UNLIMITED and the tools/tactics to grow your business are at your fingertips as long as you have a cell phone and/or a computer! Well... What are you waiting for? I know why. YOU NEED HELP! SO DID WE!

Our Team has two systems that pay $40 and $80 Commisions Daily and Weekly. Social Strategies Elite provides a plan, platform and team of Social Media Marketers who teach you what to market, how to market and most importantly how to build multiple streams of income, with done for you websites and funnels, all you need to do is implement what we teach.

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Social Strategies Elite provides high quality, laser targeted advertising to help local and small business gain more customers in order to change their life abd business. WE specialize in customer service, mentorship and finacial education.

By providing free 7-14 day advertising trial periods, we ensure the clients satifaction before we do business with them. With over $5000 in marketing, client apphrension, customer targeting, sales funnel and advertising training we make sure that we bring the highest level of performance for your company!

Advertising Agency

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With our sophisticated and creative web design platform, we create unlimited amounts of websites, we provide hosting and domain connection. With our partnership and team from MasterMindzInc. We have a design team to give you the site that you or your company needs to brand and better your business.

Logo and Branding design ranges from Logo and Business Card design to Flyer, Brouchure and Menu Design.  We take a profile of every detail surrounding your business, style and image to be precise to your needs or we get creative and inventive to create new appealing Logos and Brands for your company!

Web Design/Logo Design

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Ad Agency - Social Media Marketing - Web Design


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